Horoscope for birthday 6/6

June 6th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

follow Take a Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Read more. Today's Reading Choose your cards. Get a Live Tarot Reading. Angel Communication, You can be assured of getting help from others in your life. You can easily influence even experts due to your inborn charm, even when you are not much aware of their field of expertise. You have inclination towards the occult and believe in tantra-mantra.

You are a good friend to strangers.

June 6 Zodiac | Birthday Horoscope Personality Traits

Though you can make others help you out, you can get away without reciprocating that help, and sometimes you can be cheeky. You have to guard yourself from the tendency to make false promises. You are very much capable of getting a good job. You are very careful with your money. The power of six enables you to take more from life when you expect it less.

You have a calculate nature and need to tread carefully. You love to decorate your house nicely. You like wearing jewelry and have luxuries items in your home. As the power of six gives you a lucky charm, you are able to make others like you.

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You are also gifted with the strength to be persistent in your efforts to achieve in life. And if time demands, you may buy success at a price. You are born to be served by others and to enjoy riches and wealth.

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You may even enjoy the work of others. As Venus is your ruling planet, your lucky numbers are 6 and 9. Your lucky days in month are 6th, 15th, and the 24th. Other good dates as 9th, 18th, and 27th. You will have more success if you carry out important works on these days. Your unlucky days are 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 31st.

Your lucky gem is emerald. It should be circular or elliptical. It will give you self confidence, happiness and mental strength. Other lucky gems for you are jade, turquoise, green aquamarine, and marquis.

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The first half of June is ruled by Mercury 1stth. People born in June are ruled by Mercury and the sign of Gemini. Mercury is the king of thieves, of unreliable, volatile people and of those with two characters.

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They are extremely adaptable, intelligent, intellectual and excellent communicators. These people have indeed a double personality. Being a child of Mercury it means that you are a smart individual that thinks really fast and dresses sharply. The mind of such an individual works really fast, and moves ahead in a discussion, having ideas before anyone else. So many ideas can give you a hard time in choosing the right one, and therefore you will try more of them until you reach the correct one.

However you always have fun solving a problem and you prefer such a brain exercise as opposed to having the answer on a platter. People born in June are first and foremost excellent communicators, and therefore the ideal jobs for them are in the media, radio, television, movie industry, or any other kind of job that implies public relations. They have a powerful mind that needs control and focus in order to avoid nervousness and impatience. Being that they are good communicators, these people can be efficient speakers. However their need for security will rather attract them to fields such as real estate, but also food industry, since they really enjoy good food.

Being ruled by Mercury, people born in June are excellent traders, have a big financial potential, but also huge amounts of spiritual and physical energy. Also these people hate dogmas and will never follow one. Those born in June are curious and are adepts of mental exploration, they are always questioning everything, and therefore they hate to be bored in any way. It could happen to get bored if they are not stimulated intellectually at their level. As such, you may exhibit many of the characteristics of these two signs — both their positive and negative qualities.

You are capable of tremendous patience when it comes to achieving the things you want and when you set goals you are unlikely to quit until you have what you set out to achieve. But you can also be a stubborn as a mule when you want to be. However, the flip side is you are amiable, easy to get along with and you have an appreciation of good food, wine, art and the luxuries of life.

Your birth number promises security, balance and harmony but it is up to you whether or not it delivers this promise. You seek a secure and harmonious home life, job and relationship. You are generous by nature and when others succeed and are happy you are happy for them.

To you, it just means if they can succeed so can you and everyone else. There is nothing petty or ungenerous about you. Because you have such an agreeable nature, others can take advantage of you and you need to be alert for this.

Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning.

You may attract a boss who continues to pile work on you without offering you any additional rewards or you may find partners or others treat you like a doormat. You are a responsible person who takes their obligations seriously but just be aware others can play on that so learn to maintain your boundaries and to act if you start to feel put upon. You need love and attention and if you get it, you will bloom. There is no other number more angry, sarcastic or sceptical than a 6 who feels they have been denied love.

You have a strong artistic flair and you may be drawn to a creative profession. If not you will certainly use any creative talents you possess to create a beautiful home environment. You are the number most likely to have a home in the country rather than the city. Social status is important to you and you are willing to work hard to achieve material success.

You will either be artistically talented yourself or attract people who are.