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Dark Side of Capricorn: Smug, Awkward, Pretentious, Controlling She considers not only men but her fans whispering in delight and applause behind her. Life for Libra is rather a game than domestic squabbles and she plays the whole life. She worships luxury and cannot stand the distasteful liabilities. Scorpio A Scorpio-girl is like the war field. Take care of yourself. Step carefully otherwise you will explode. It is cute to be with her, but it is too complicated. There is no golden medium about her. This is like being in condition of permanent stress and war. So, if you cannot boast with the strong nervous system and manliness, she is not for you.

And if there is something wrong about you, in her opinion, she makes your life hard. If she finds out SMS-messages from another girl, you will want to eat your mobile up. Sagittarius Female Sagittarius is rather manly than feminine. You want her be tender and delicate? Oh, yeah! You will have to take her as she is and never complain about her. But you will, anyway. She likes playing around with men even in your eyes, for she loves attention, no matter which one is comes from. So, keep your emotions tight if you want to hold her. However, watch out: the she-Sagittarius is not going to sit still at the party, so, take care.

Capricorns Never Make Mistakes

Privacy Policy Disclaimer. Part 2. Zodiac Bitchiness and Nasty Things. Part 1. Instructions for Guys You are sick and tired of horoscopes where only encouraging features are depicted? Posted in Life.

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One day a Capricorn will take a risk and the world will stop in shock. They are cool to the point of frozen; self-possessed to the point of wooden;. If you're anything like my brazen Aries editor, you may have asked yourself (or even someone else, out loud, "What IS a Capricorn even? Like.

Instructions for Guys. Kiran says:. January 9, at am.

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Funny Horoscopes. Zodiac Signs. All Rights Reserved. A good astrologer will also help us to make the best of them, and hopefully give advice on how to safely express and deal with some of the more negative traits that are there. Capricorn Research does not claim the title astrologer. I do occasionally give astrological advice to clients based on my own experience and understanding, but I do not feel it is my calling.

I am essentially an astrological researcher. I work with an enormous database of charts of people, many of whom are famous, some not so but none of these people are my personal clients. I do not take it upon myself to offer any of them advice on how to make the best of their charts.

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I try as much as possible to steer away from any character assessment. This, however accurate, does involve a fair amount of subjectivity and value judgement. If one person commits an act with a planet in a particular sign, house or aspect to another, I am in no way suggesting that other people with similar placings are likely to commit similar acts. However if a collection of charts of people with a similar experience shows that a particular planetary placing comes up significantly more than average, I feel that it is my duty to report that fact.

I would hope that my work helps astrologers in gaining a greater understanding of the forces at play within their discipline and maybe it helps them in the constructive advice that they give their clients.

Regular readers of these pages will know that a lot of them are devoted to murderers. It is without question the lowest that a human being can sink to, but it is also a moment in time that encapsulates and symbolises the indications in a chart like no other. It may be that a politician becomes a president or prime minister, or a prince inherits a throne.

The moment of their attaining this office would be extremely significant, but so would their whole period in that office. In the case of serial murderers we could say that the period during which they commit murders would have a similar significance, but even in these cases the first act when a human being sinks to these depths is a moment so horrific that it generally has a much stronger astrological connection than almost any other.

The reason Capricorn Research looks at so many charts of murderers is because they are often the most singular and dramatic ones. Dutroux was an abusive husband who beat his wife, he divorced in January By then he was involved with Michele Martin, a former teacher later convicted as an accomplice to the rapes. In , Dutroux had been given 13 years in prison for raping five young girls between the ages of 12 and 19, but had been released in three years. When Dutroux was released from prison in , he and Michelle quickly acquired at least six houses, all inexpensive and run-down, in Charleroi and other towns in southwest Belgium.

Police suspected that he was trafficking in guns, pornography and prostitution. They confiscated stolen goods that they found but did not arrest Dutroux. In the summer of , two vacationing girls disappeared. They had been snatched, chloroformed and shoved in a van. On December that year, Dutroux was arrested for car theft.

When he was released from jail in March, he found the girls dead of starvation. He was so angry at the neglect of his colleague, Weinstein, for allowing this to happen that he drugged him and buried him alive in the garden. Work to live, not live to work. I think most of them know deep down how cold and uncaring they are, so they submerge themselves in work. Just a way to lie to themselves and justify their inhumane iceberg personalities. Maybe some Caps learn to adjust and be more warm, but in my experience, they all grow old alone……in a penthouse or not. I think Capricorns want people to think their special.

There is something about how feeding their ego somehow makes them think their the best at everything even if their not really. If you insult them they just get mad, so have to make capricorns feel extra special compared to any other sign on the zodiac. Say if you did the opposite and wrote a article about Capricorns being so great, all the capricorns will be bragging it up like as if their the best among all the zodiac signs. Notice their all getting mad at you over this?

Jealousy Makes You Nasty! 3 Zodiac Signs Who Feed The Green-Eyed Monster

The thing is this is just the internet. Why get mad? Capricorns just want to think their the best, and they want others to think their the best, if not they will throw a temper tantrum. You gotta make that Capricorn feel special. They are very good at keeping appearances, acting fake, and living double lives. These people have extreme Superiority Complexes and are borderline sociopaths. If a Capricorn is not pleased with their progress in life, they will begin hating severely on those around them.

Capricorns birthed the term negative nancy. All they do is complain, and send negative energy your way. They always look for something to criticize and nag about as they are never satisfied. They are also Money Hungry Groupies! Both the men and women are boring as hell. They can be big time users and date for money or status. The men are highly abusive in relationships and prone to depression out of lack of self satisfaction. They are extremely extremely insecure. They are very cutting, blunt, and have no tact with their words but is ironic how when you call them out on it or whatever they do you can so easily destroy their little spirit and livelihood they have.

I think they are very lonely too. I notice both genders have a lot of trouble keeping relationships, especially friendships so so many are always loners and not by choice. Their insecurity is the worst thing I ever seen and they all seem to be cursed with it. The males are just the worst thing ever. Too much ego and arrogant, pretentious. It is very draining to have any kind of relationship with them.

I think this sign knows they are generally not liked. I find they will mature much much later, but you gotta hurt them really really badly, like traumatize them with your words before they change and are at least somewhat acceptable to be around. Others will brag for you. My observation is that capricorns have a seriously inflated sense of self-importance and are usually extremely insecure.

Your only redeeming quality is that you all are great with money. They are actually good in believing their own lies that tell other people. Ok enough with the good. Now the bad:. Another Example is how rude and blunt they are.. The article is not discounting that Caps also have positive traits. If you know Caps are so great, then why so defensive off the bat? Weakness, imperfection and vulnerability are a part of being human. Yes Caps…you have weaknesses too, like all of us, even though you pretend not to! Self-acceptance needs to be practiced — instead of suppressing your feelings and then getting depressed or self-sabotaging.

They think their way is the right way, and they are proud of being stubborn, but it goes beyond that — it can even mean placing arrogance and pride over empathy. Relationships with others are about compromise, unless they are abusive. Caps — if you want to evolve, get in touch with your sensitivity, vulnerability and empathy. You have a lot of good qualities, and you should try to make heart-based decisions rather than from the ego in order to realize your potential for making this world a better place.

Overall I think this was very rude.. That really upset me and usually I am not upset about rude comments but this article really upset me. Besides all people are different and may have different traits then their zodiac sign. I know Capricorn and you are right! I find them jelous, envious of any one above them and cold and clinical. A Capricorn is not warm and expressive and find any excuse to be bland and depressed. They also love feeling sorry for themselves, rather than just getting on with it.

All my problems get blamed on me being a star sign for example my trust issues… and why are we always getting called rude? Really made me feel great. So… I love new things. In fact I bang often in new positions. Lots as a matter of fact. I do like my stuff. I earned it. Love sharing it more than keeping it.

Have some fun love. Perhaps escape 19th century Christian solutionism and Anglo European knee twitches towards classification and except life is a beautiful experience and the astrological chart is not there for you to abuse to console yourself over the fact that it NEVER works out for you. Mirrors are never far from hand…. Best of luck. As a Capricorn born on Christmas Day, I am pretty flabbergasted by the ineptitude of this article. I am a Sagittarius moon as well but have come across many people who like that I am efficient, logical, and funny.

I understand why some think we are boring and the truth is, we would rather save our wit, intellect, and fun loving energy for someone who can keep up. Name required. Email required. Click here to cancel reply. Jess on June 26, at am. Genisis on April 1, at am. Genie on May 14, at pm. Ieasha on April 2, at am. Tony on January 20, at pm. Gay Ricky on May 14, at pm.

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